railroads at the new york world fair

Railroads At The New York World's Fair


Penn Valley Pictures is proud to present "Railroads on Parade", the 1939 World's Fair tribute to American Railroads. "Railroads on Parade" records the magnificent progress of rail transportation in America for 110 years up to 1939.

This black and white video opens with scenes of the Long Island Railroad station and arriving LIRR electric trains. We then tour the Fairgrounds with its fountains and manicured lawns before focusing on the 16 scenes open-air stage play drama; "Railroads on Parade". Depression-era Americans were thrilled to see the story of the development of transportation from the opening of the Erie Canal up to the "modern era" streamlined steam locomotives of 1939. You will be thrilled too as you witness many locomotives running across the large stage with actors portraying different eras and moments in transportation history. Never before had drama been presented on such a large scale.

You will see in operation original or reproduction locomotives such as the Tom Thumb, The Rock. The Stourbridge Lion, The Best Friend of Charleston, The John Bull, The DeWitt Clinton, The B&O Atlantic. The William Galloway, The William Crooks, The Genoa, The William Mason, J.W. Bowker, Minnetonka, and "modern locomotive" such as streamlined PRR K-4's #3468, rival NYC's Hudson #5453 and the famous #999 as well as other locomotives from railroads such as the Lackawanna, Norfolk & Western, New Haven, D&H and B&O.

Music, narration, and train sounds have been added to the original 16 mm film to bring you 16 minutes of viewing pleasure. This cover is a reproduction of the original program available to the 1939 World's Fair attendees. We know you will enjoy this railroad video of one of the greatest railroad exhibitions of all time.