sunbury pa volume 1
sunbury pa volume 2
sunbury pa volume 1 sunbury pa volume 2

Sunbury, PA Historical Documentaries

This 2 part series includes two DVDs, both of which are 53 minutes long, on the history of Sunbury, PA.  The DVDs are $24.95 a piece or $49.90 for both.

Volume 1 DVD Description

Relive history with this film documenting life in a small town located in the beautiful Susquehanna River Valley of Northern Pennsylvania. Filmed by the late Clarence Weaver, a lifelong Sunbury resident and school teacher, this excellent black and white and color film was shot over four decades from the 1930s through the 1970s. Visit Rolling Green Park, Rohrbach Mansion at the Sunbury Water Company, and the Old Main High School. See parades, sporting events, the 1936 flood, and firefighters fighting fires. You will stroll through the parks and along the streets of Sunbury, and visit the bustling Saturday morning curbside farmer's market. You will stand on the platform of PRR passenger station as the Buffalo Express arrives during WW I, and see the last passenger train depart in 1971. You will see streetcars, milk wagons, and vintage automobiles on Sunbury's streets. You will see the 200th-anniversary celebration of Fort Augusta in 1956. Narration, period music, and sounds added to bring you 53 minutes of outstanding video entertainment.

State-of-the-art technology was used to provide clear, sharp images for this outstanding vintage documentary.

Volume 2 DVD Description