the susquehanna division of the prr - volume 5

Volume 5 - The Susquehanna Division Of The PRR


Located in central Pennsylvania on the busy Harrisburg to Buffalo line of the PRR is the town of Sunbury, home of the late Clarence Weaver who filmed the glory days of PRR in the 1950s. See a parade of steam power; M-ls, L-ls, K-4s, I-is, G-5s, E-6s, B-6s and early diesel locomotives. We will visit the busy Northumberland roundhouse and numerous runby locations along the Susquehanna Division between Harrisburg and Williamsport. Plus see freight and passenger trains (including the Bellefonte mixed train) on the bucolic Bellefonte, Shamokin and Wilkes-Barre branches. See some of the best runby scenes ever taken of PRR freight and passenger trains. The original film is 16MM, all color, with authentic PRR steam and diesel sound track. Narration and music are added. Transferred to video to bring you 45 minutes of the best PRR action ever filmed.