under the catenary - volume 6

Volume 6 - Under The Catenary


This all-color action-packed video will take you back in time to the PRR's electric operations in the early sixties through the Penn Central era and the beginnings of Amtrak in the early seventies. You will visit Harrisburg, Enola, Middletown, Safe Harbor, Havre de Grace, and Perryville to see a parade of passenger and freight trains pulled by E3B, P5A, GG-1, and E-44 electrics, and some Passenger E-7 and E-8 diesels. You will see colorful mixture of equipment from other roads in the PRR and early Amtrak era. You will see Metroliners and Amtrak's SDP 40 F's at Harrisburg. Music, narration and authentic sounds are added to this excellent film footage to bring you 45 minutes of train watching pleasure.