the transition years in the 50s and 60s - volume 8

Volume 8 - The Transition Years in the 50's & 60's


This mostly color, mostly PRR, video is from film shot in north central and central Pennsylvania in the 1950's and 1960's. See steam's last stand on the PRR's Susquehanna Division at Sunbury, at the Northumberland enginehouse, and on the Mt. Carmel Branch. See passenger trains headed by steam and diesel on the Susquehanna Division including outstanding B&W film of a streamlined K4. Includes cab footage shot by a PRR engineer showing both steam and diesel trains. See film of the last PRR steam-powered excursions in 1957 to view the vintage equipment at Northumberland, and see the movement of the equipment to the State Railroad Museum in the 1970's. See steam and diesel action at Enola, Altoona and on the Horseshoe Curve. See diesel-powered excursions on both the Reading and PRR leaving from their Williamsport stations, and excursion through the coal regions on the LV and PRR to Sunbury, and an EL excursion on the Bloomsburg Branch. See early Lehigh Valley diesels on ore trains at Mt. Carmel, EL freight diesels at Northumberland, and rare footage of the steam-powered DL&W passenger train leaving Northumberland around 1950. See the last CNJ steam engine operating at the P&R Coal Co. breaker at Locust Summit. Music, narration and authentic sounds are added to this vintage film to bring you 44 minutes of viewing pleasure.